Corporate Litigation Claims and Defenses

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We are your Corporate Litigation Claims and Defenses Lawyers in Florida

We provide counsel and legal representation, including claims and defenses against business enterprises. Our Florida corporate litigation attorneys can initiate civil lawsuits or defend clients in cases brought against them. We also aggressively work to settle corporate claims outside of court by representing clients in alternative dispute resolution or settlements.

Plaintiffs and defendants in corporate litigation include every person from Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman to entry level employees, and even shareholders.

Corporate Litigation Comes in Many Forms

Persons within the organization that have a fiduciary responsibility to the company, such as members, Officers and Directors are particularly susceptible to suit, if they are not diligent in carrying out their responsibilities.

Business partners may sue one another for breach of a partnership agreement or breach of the duty of loyalty.

A corporation may sue a business partnership for fraud or breach of contract claims.

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We assist business owners including shareholders, partners, and limited liability company members with claims against the organization, as well as claims against other persons within the company.

We defend lawsuits against all businesses entities, corporations, boards, directors and officers.

Our South Florida based Corporate Attorneys serve clients in Palm Beach County, Broward County, Miami Dade County, and throughout Florida.

If you need assistance with a corporate lawsuit claim or defense, as well as claims and defenses involving any other business entity, we can help.

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