Contracts for Service Businesses

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We Research and Draft Contracts that Protect Your Service Business.

Service agreement contracts are critical to companies that sell services in Florida. Whether you are a Florida icon general contractor or a local handy man, payment issues with trade partners is inevitable. Whether you are a world renowned caterer with a base of operations in Florida, or provide local home cleaning services, claims of damage to property are inevitable.

Whatever your business is, you protect your business, your financial strength, your money, your time and your reputation by using carefully drafted contracts. Contracts that have been researched and drawn taking careful consideration of your unique business.

There is No “one size fits all” Service Contract.

You can download a contract online in just a few minutes that appears customized for almost any business that you might imagine.  Many businesses owners find out the hard way that the free contract was worth what they paid.  In some cases this could cost the business owner a sale, substantial stress and legal fees, monetary losses and even their personal assets, including their home.

We write contracts that make your service business work.

Your service contracts must of course protect both the obvious and unique aspects of your business.  They must also be written in a plain and easy to understand language so they can move at the speed of business, while giving the company, and owners, confidence in both the surety of binding, and protection against legal challenges.  No one is served by iron clad contractual protection that often serves as a deal-killer.  Our contracts make closing deals easy, fast, and more affordable.

We understand business sales and service agreements.

We write sales and service agreements that protect your business, without stepping on your sale.

What is a Sales Agreement?

Service agreement contracts are contracts that spell out the terms and conditions of the transaction, and upon which the parties agree to be bound.

Service agreements are sometimes called “Sales agreements” or “Sale and Purchase Agreements” due to the fact that although you are providing a service, the purchase of the service represents a sale.

Regardless of what you call it, well written and personally customized agreements are contracts, which depending upon your business, will cover the sale of goods, sale of services, or both.

Your new sales agreements will hopefully be used hundreds of times monthly or more.  It only takes a single problem to cripple a business. A bad agreement, or no contractual agreement, can result in a disaster to your business.

A proper sales agreement should contain all the particulars, promises, disclosures, and waivers related to the transaction including names and contact info of the parties, sales quantities, prices, detailed description of goods or services, work to be performed, warranties, limitations, terms of payment, shipping, return policies, and all necessary disclosures.

In addition, certain clauses are common to all good sales agreements including choice of law clauses, integration clauses, no interpretation against the drafter clause, severability clause, and other clauses which offer common interpretation protections in contract dispute.

What Happens If a Sales Agreement is Violated?

In the worst case, expensive protracted litigation.

A violation of a term of a sales agreement is called a “Breach of Contract.”  A breach of contract may be interpreted as either a minor breach or a major breach.  A minor breach generally would not make the contract voidable by the injured party, but would entitle that party to damages to offset the loss. On the other hand, a major breach not only entitles the injured party to damages to offset the loss, but in addition may place the damaged party in a position to void the contract. Damages that might be awarded to an injured party include monetary damage awards, or injunctions requiring the breaching party to perform their duties.

The Value of Properly Prepared Sales Agreements

When your business presents a customer or trade partner with a properly prepared sales agreement, which clearly outlines the promises and terms of agreement the parties agreed to, it’s likely that once properly executed a counter-party will have great pause prior to causing a breach.  In effect, a well written contract not only acts as a memorialized binding agreement, but additionally a deterrent to breach by making negative legal consequences more likely than the breaching party would face if the agreement was poorly prepared, or left in mere oral form.

Your sales agreements should help your business, not strangle it.

Does all this sound a bit daunting?

Don’t worry. Our South Florida based business law attorneys can write your company’s sales agreements.  Our Florida business lawyers serve clients in Palm Beach County, Broward County, Miami Dade County, and throughout Florida.

We understand.

If you’re interested in learning more about business paperwork, sales agreements, sale or purchase agreements, or other contracts critical to protecting and growing your business, please contact us.

We want to hear your story and share ours.

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