Florida Trust Litigation

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Florida Trusts are commonly used to avoid the courtroom because trusts can provide for distribution of assets in lieu of probate, which requires trips to court for court orders to approve probate sales or distributions. When a trust works the trust has the potential to save the beneficiaries time, money, and aggravation.

However, trusts are not a guaranteed strategic success in the avoidance of courtroom litigation.

There are many times when trustees, beneficiaries, or others with an interest in the trust’s assets will challenge a trust, the actions of a trustee, or the validity of the trust. In these cases lawsuits will inevitably be filed.  There are a numerous type of trust challenges including challenging the validity of the trust, challenges to the trustee such as breach of fiduciary duty, and construction challenges to how the trust is interpreted.

Additionally, in 2007 Florida’s trust code became effective and included several options for trust beneficiaries or interested persons who are seeking justice in connection with a Florida Trust other than seeking to have a trust declared invalid in whole or part.

Each of these challenges to trust are further explained under their own headings on this website.

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