Marriage in Florida

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What are Some Illegal Marriages?

Illegal marriage can have implications for both parities. There may in fact be charges brought against individuals that take part in an illegal marriage. However, the implications vary base on the specif circumstances.

If for example, an individual took part in an illegal marriage to gain citizenship to a country, they could be charged with fraud. This type of marriage takes place simply for an individual to gain citizenship, in the absence of a real relationship between the couple. In that case, both individuals could face charges.

Illegal marriage may also take place for financial gain. For example, one spouse may believe the marriage to be legal, while the other is aware that it is not. If the spouse that is aware of the illegal marriage, took part in order to reap financial benefits from the other spouse, they could face additional fraud charges.

Marrying Someone Who Is Already Married

In the United States, individuals may only be married to one person. Polygamy is illegal and individuals may be prosecuted, even when it is practiced in their religion. In fact, individuals that immigrate to the United States may only declare one spouse upon entering the country, even if they are legally married to several people in their country of citizenship.

Individuals that have already been married must be legally divorced before they may again marry. A legal separation does not qualify and individuals are breaking the law if they get married before a divorce is finalized.

In fact, those that are illegally married are not subject to the rules of divorce if they should separate or become divorced. For example, spouses may not collect spousal support payments. However, if one spouse was unaware that the marriage was not legal, the judge may award payments because of the act of fraud.

Marital Legal Services

Our South Florida Family Law Attorneys provide services in other areas relating to marriage including, but not limited to:

  • Pre Nuptial or Post Nuptial Agreements;
  • Foreign marriage validation;
  • Common law marriage;
  • Marriage Annulment.

Our Florida Family Law Lawyers serve clients in Palm Beach County, Broward County, Miami Dade County, and throughout Florida.

If you need assistance in the handling of your marital legal services , or if you simply have a few questions about Marriage in Florida please contact us.

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