Prenuptial Agreements and Antenuptial Agreements in Florida

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We can understand that sometimes discussing premarital agreements with your future spouse can be difficult and uncomfortable because we’re real people, not emotionless law robots stuffed into 2,500 thread count suits.

We are people. We also happen to be Florida Family Law Lawyers.

A Prenuptial agreement in Florida is a contract between prospective spouses that determines how assets and certain legal matters will be treated in the event of a divorce. In Florida, a prenuptial agreement is also known as a premarital agreement, or an antenuptial agreement.

When most people think of prenuptial agreements, they incorrectly believe that a prenup is crafted exclusively in an attempt to protect the assets of the wealthier spouse.  This is untrue, as a Florida Prenuptial agreement can be drafted to include far greater protections, and protect both spouses.

Prenuptial agreements have many uses.  A prenuptial agreement can fix the amount of alimony in the event of divorce, protect children from earlier marriages in the case of death or divorce, protect a family owned business, avoid expensive litigation, limit the rights of a surviving spouses at incapacity or death, avoid protracted litigation allowing the parties to move on with their post divorce lives quickly, create agreement on how the marriage is going to operate, protect an inheritance in the event of death or divorce, and by their limitation, even provide a “Piece of Mind” to ensure that the parties are getting married for love, and not money.

Unfortunately, many people that would benefit from a Florida Prenuptial Agreement fail to pursue the agreement in a timely manner out of fear of upsetting or disturbing their future spouse.  This is a grave mistake.

We handle family law matters such as Florida premarital agreements in Broward County, Miami Dade County, Palm Beach County, and many other cities and counties.

We can help you ensure that your premarital agreement benefits both parties, that the premarital agreement is read by both parties, that both parties are given adequate time required by law to contemplate the agreement, and that the agreement is properly executed and notarized.

We can negotiate, and draft your Florida Premarital Agreement which respects the rights of both individuals.

More importantly, we can help you achieve your premarital protection goals with respect, compassion, grace and deep understanding because we’re people.

We also happen to be Florida Family Law Premarital Agreement Attorneys.

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